July 8, 2020

Noise Journal’s top 2018 tracks, by Mike D.

Image by Jesse757 via flickr/Creative Commons (edited)

As you all know, we do our best to provide you with edgy and modern records on the global tip. This year’s celebrated top-list was way more difficult to create than it was last year because of the quality being pumped out of amps worldwide. So, pump up the volume and enjoy these records that literally blew us away!


HOLYGRAM released their long-awaited debut Modern Cults LP on November, an absolutely fantastic record which took them directly to the airports!!!


Exactly the same happened with Whispering Sons and their first Image LP, which was released in October, and we’ll keep talking about these two modern bands that will shake the post-punk universe in the next decade!!!


The monumental outfit VNV Nation released their 10th Noire studio album last October. They are the living history of FuturePop/EBM music, a band which releases stunning records since 1995!!!


With members from The Black Angels, The Horrors, Elephant Stone, and The Earlies, MIEN released a glorious S/T record last April, in the streams of Kraut/ Psychedelic rock music!!!


The French outfit PILES released Una Volta LP in September and it is the essence of edgy and experimental music: Three drummers, knobs, effects, and absolutely no drum clinic; a masterpiece!!!


A grey atmosphere all over, passions and Nostalgist offered an excellent record in March. Disaffection LP simply shows how to blend shoegaze with post-punk in a severe wall of sound played by delicate and skilled players, and it is so loud too!!!


Stockholm’s White Birches released When The Street Calls LP in February. A new wave to post-punk outfit which doomed it a bit more here; and it worked just fine because they know exactly where and how to navigate their musings. Brilliant record!!!


I’ll just copy-paste their own words: Le Plaisir produces “Layered and spooky psychedelic earworm pop, heavy on the sweetness and existential dread, transmitting out of Los Angeles via Edmonton via Paris”. It is all indie-psych-space-pop under a Kraut testa. No Ordinary Wave EP was released in June!!!


Bauhaus, Tones On Tail, and Love and Rockets — all critically acclaimed bands. Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins were founding members of all three. Now joined by Kevin’s daughter, Diva Dompé, on bass, they have formed a new band called POPTONE. Their double S/T LP (released in June) consists of 13 songs from their set, originally recorded for a recent Part Time Punks session on KXLU. “Ball of Confusion, that’s what the world is today, yeah, yeah”!!!


Coloradans A Shoreline Dream released Waitout EP in July.  Shoegaze/ Nugaze, progressive rock music to its finest results; big respect here!!!


Niabi Aquena from Brooklyn aka Searmanas released her debut S/T LP in July, and what a record was that! Her moniker derives from Gaelic, meaning “ceremony” or “ceremonial” and the music explores the role of ceremony within urban experience, resulting in severe, textured landscapes with touches of sparse vocals. It is electronic freestyle music, experimental, flirting with some industrial and ambient soundscapes and it is absolutely stunning!!!


Two words only: Deathrock Rules! Moira Scar released Wound World Part 1 LP last March, and it is a stunning and absolutely beloved wicked addiction!!!


From Jonathan: Lecrae is a new discovery for the Noise Journal team, though the Grammy and BET Award-winning rapper and producer has obviously paid his dues and cashed in as well over the 14-plus years he’s been in the game. Since this track serendipitously popped up in a curated playlist, I’ve been digging into the guy’s catalogue.

Though his career sparks an age-old debate within the evangelical community (is it “Christian music” or “music made by a Christian?”), the fact is that the 39-year-old musician is making dope, relevant beats and using his platform as a prominent Christian to be unusually Christ-like, speaking up for social justice and providing a refreshing alternative to the flagrant misogyny and nihilism that defines today’s mainstream hip-hop.

This collaboration with influential producer Zaytoven sees him switch up styles and deliver a stuttered-up and nailed-down performance over orchestral trap arrangements.

Lecrae promotes a unique empowerment through his faith. You won’t find any objectification of women or “molly” talk on his new LP, Let the Trap Say Amen, but you will find thought-provoking lyricism and engaging, contagious hooks that should put any Top 40 rapper to shame on 2018 and into the new year.


Beauty In Chaos released their debut Finding Beauty In Chaos LP in September. It is a glorious rock album featuring collaborations with members from The Mission, The Cure, Cheap Trick, The Offspring, Van Halen, Jene Loves Jezebel, Kings X, A Flock of Seagulls and many more. Here, we dance again to T-Rex’s classic “20th Century Boy” featuring Al Jourgensen from Ministry!!!


A few days ago in December Evi Vine published the first single Sabbath (which features Mr. Simon Gallup from The Cure on bass) from the upcoming album Black Light White Dark which releases on February 2019. Sludge, stoner, darkwave, passion and warfare!!!


Moonshine Booze rock and roll collective released their new Desert Road LP in March. It is funny, it has the hell of an attitude, and it is reckless to the bone like a drunk scorpion on tequila in the desert!!!


After a seven-year hiatus, Ladytron returned with a brand new S/T LP in spring. Quality synth-pop music as always by the band which holds all secrets of synthesized music, and we are so happy they are back again!!!


Iceland’s synth-punk trio Kaelan Mikla gave one of the edgiest and intense albums in November. Nott Eftir Nott LP continues their tradition in poetic, protest synth-punk music and it is simply outstanding!!!


Industrial electronic wizards Flesh Eating Foundation released their new We Are Fucked LP in May. “Two decades into a career and we see no reason to be any less angry, any less outraged at what is happening in the world,” they say and hey Donald, this one is for you!!!


Singer, songstress Linda Em released her new London Irish EP in September. Lovely record by a musician who sings her heart in folk-blues mostly, and occasionally played like in a bit of Irish to American blues with Celtic roots throughout. An indispensable record for the library!!!


Have a great 2019 dear friends!!!


Mike D.


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