May 28, 2024
About mobdividual
mobdividual is an artist making noise, visuals, and words in Colorado Springs. Find him on Facebook and Bandcamp.

What We Want — the mobdividual review

July 20, 2016 mobdividual 1

S T F U are certainly more on the industrial, trip-hop, not-quite-darkwave side of dreamscape music. if youre into far less aggressive sin/pretty hate machine-era nine inch nails, then this is your deal. What The

Nitocris – the mobdividual review

July 13, 2016 mobdividual 1

stella diana has a solid lo-fi early 90s shoegaze sound. almost drone-gaze. poundy drums and driving bass lines. reminds me of mysterious obscure homerecording bands discovered via traded mixtapes i was never able to remember