April 18, 2024

Here Lies Half – the mobdividual review

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About our rating system

more on the dreamscape/dreampop side of shoegaze… breathy synths, not a lot of distortion, nor abrupt changes; instead many layers of evolving bits of sonic details fading in and out carried by large melodic chords resulting in a greater sum. i didnt know where this album fit in their discography when alibi sent it to me, i would have guessed a first effort. “half” runs through an array of ideas, perhaps of a band searching for their path while cross-checking their influences all while creating a very experiential record, almost like these cats are watching or scoring a movie none of us are privy to.

What The Stoner’s Journal thinks (Listen here):

Half — Here Lies Half

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mobdividual is an artist making noise, visuals, and words in Colorado Springs. Find him on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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