April 13, 2024

Hello We’re Not Enemies – the mobdividual review

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About our rating system

Novanta feels ‘new’ to me. classic shoegaze elements, poundy drums and driving bass, reverb’d vocals, mixed with modern details like tremolo picking and long delay decays. the album feels a little scattered, almost like a compilation from a record label specializing in a ‘sound range’ and attempting to exemplify that range to the world. however, it is unified in its dreamy gaziness. i need to listen to other novanta records. if you’re new to shoegaze and pop songs dreamscapes novanta will do you right. a standout is track 2, very sigur ros and track 6 is very modern also.

What The Stoner’s Journal thinks (Listen here)::

Novanta — Hello We’re Not Enemies

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mobdividual is an artist making noise, visuals, and words in Colorado Springs. Find him on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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