April 18, 2024

Nitocris – the mobdividual review

About our rating system
About our rating system

stella diana has a solid lo-fi early 90s shoegaze sound. almost drone-gaze. poundy drums and driving bass lines. reminds me of mysterious obscure homerecording bands discovered via traded mixtapes i was never able to remember the name of nor find their records in stores so i had to covet the one or two songs someone put on a tape for me (“film school” comes to mind). the songs are based on pop hooks but as a band, they are obsessed with background windy distorted guitars and reverb’d vocals. they dont specifically remind me of any band or sound in particular. like i said, classic lo-fi ’94 shoegaze. id like to see them live. 2.5/3.

What The Stoner’s Journal thinks (Listen here):

Stella Diana — Nitocris

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mobdividual is an artist making noise, visuals, and words in Colorado Springs. Find him on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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