May 20, 2024

Prime of Pride – the mobdividual review

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About our rating system

so, the thing about early brit new wave/shoegaze, different from american shoegaze/new wave, was the brits were rooted in brit r&b too, like spandau ballet and things like that. i mean, the only real difference between spandau ballet and the cure was the cures penchant for the melodramatic from lyrics to song production. early brit shoegaze was really just reverb’d/distorted, punk version of british r&b. with-that… thud would be at home opening for the cure, maybe even too close. very modern guitar passages and playing styles, but shadowing 80’s noire synth-pop with a rhythm and blues foundation. wandering ebb and flow of effects. the new single (prime of pride) is very much from the MBV brand of shoegaze, complete with tremolo arm strumming. if its possible for a band in this current music culture to rise above the crowd, and if thud can keep crafting quality emotional dense hook-soundscapes (and maybe land a key soundtrack or some kind of licensing deal), thud will do it.

Official SJ Review (listen here):

Thud — Prime of Pride

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mobdividual is an artist making noise, visuals, and words in Colorado Springs. Find him on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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