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Nitocris – the mobdividual review

July 13, 2016 mobdividual 1

stella diana has a solid lo-fi early 90s shoegaze sound. almost drone-gaze. poundy drums and driving bass lines. reminds me of mysterious obscure homerecording bands discovered via traded mixtapes i was never able to remember

brb :: forgive the mess

June 18, 2016 Alibi Pierce 0

Things might look a little funky around here, and there may be some intermittent downtime and formatting issues. We’re on it. We’re back-loading some of our better pieces published elsewhere earlier this year, and will

Colorado rakes in $135M in 2015 tax revenue

February 10, 2016 Alibi Pierce 0

This article originally appeared at MarijuanaPolitics. I also write for those guys. Last week we told you that San Francisco based marijuana investment firm The ArcView Group was projecting total 2015 marijuana sales in Colorado

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