April 19, 2024

Review: Wozniak — Five Star (in violet remix)

Wozniak Five Star In Violet Artwork

Scotland’s Wozniak is one of those bands that thrives in the permanent fog that has come to envelope the difficult-to-describe world of atmospheric rock: dreampop, post-rock, shoegaze, math-rock, it’s hard to differentiate sometimes. These guys don’t seem to give a shit. Their track El Maresme, featured on the Revolution — The Shoegaze Revival compilation could be described with any and all of those words. Their latest single, Five Star, is a finely orchestrated five minute sound session that This Will Destroy You would be proud of, with a groove and melody reminiscent of The Cure’s A Forest.

They turned to London’s in violet to reimagine the track, and the self-proclaimed “atmospheric rock act” stripped away all of the rock while adding plenty of atmosphere in their remix. By focusing on one particularly catchy guitar hook, muting it, and building over it with layers of synth pads, in violet transforms Five Star into an ambient dreamscape. A touch of subtle, reworked percussion shows admirable restraint: Less is more seems to be the ethos here. It works. Check out both tracks below.

Wozniak is probably in the studio, working hard to cause terminal tinnitus. You can catch them on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Twitter.

in violet is tending to abrasive digital soundscapes. Here’s their Facebook, Bandcamp, and Twitter.

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