April 13, 2024


Carmen Villain Sleeper

i listened to that carmen villain today, threeish times. I really like it.. it’s different overall than the few songs in the post but it’s very consistent and stays within the bounds of all those sample/soundcloud songs.

I like their approach to production and composition.. it doesn’t sound to me like anyone in the band is relying on their ‘training’ and ‘the feel, just feel it out..’ I hate that shit.. no, fukn think about what we’re going to do, then feel, then think, then feel.. now you might be finished. all the weirdness is out of instrumentation so the songs can work in a variety of settings and a variety of members. nothing is gratuitous and can work layered differently as needed..

psychedelic, minimal in approach but appropriately produced, very layered with a lot of little details, shoegaze for certain… everything has a reverb glow but it’s not purist like my bloody valentine/mazzy star brand shoegaze reverb wash.. crosses into trip-hop, as well as wtf experimental… the opening is a minimal jangle pop tune that could have fallen out of marmosets catalogue. very singable overall.. use headphones if you enjoy the efforts of production.

dreamo is a standout, easy is my favorite but it’s fukn weird… but I wish they would make an entire album like this, ((made a shell is another fav… brooding, poundy drums drifting thin guitar lots of ahhs and not a lot of chords changes.. mostly key shifts..))

a surreal psychedelic pop fantasy

these cats listen to a lot of cool music, I bet. them? or just her? I knew a band like that, where the main girl wrote all the songs and just got a band to record and perform, they had a little input, but.. I don’t know carmen’s process..

i’d be interested to see them live and i’m already anxious to hear a next one



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