April 19, 2024


This Friday brings the release of a booming electronic album from electronic music mavericks Rude Audio. We have the pleasure of premiering this long-play, cleverly titled ‘Street Light Interference’, which is being released via the UK label Zirkus Records. With reference figures such as Andrew Weatherall, Duncan Gray, Adrian Sherwood, On-U-Sound, Hot Chip, Jagwar Ma, The Orb, Future Sound of London and Mirwais cited, there was no doubt in my mind from the get-go that this would be music for those who love the dance floors, dubby beats, leftfield blends and Balearic rhythms. So too have reviews referenced the band’s “Carpenter-esque’ vibes, calling this “warped disco” that “weaves brilliant ethnic hughes”. We couldn’t agree more.

Based in South London, Mark Ratcliff is at the core of this outfit, along with Owain Lloyd and Dave [The Rave] Brennan. Collectively, their Curriculum Vitae is mind-blowing and involves the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Weller, Niall Horan and the tech-house label Bombis. Their work has garnered support from Weatherall himself, as well as Laurent Garnier, Kris Needs, Don Letts, Graeme Park and Rob de Bank, as well as BBC Radio 6’s Nemone and Gideon Coe.

‘Street Light Interference’ runs the gamut from dub to techno and features four original tracks and four remixes of tunes from their latest ‘Rude Redux’ EP, which was premiered by Andrew Weatherall on his radio show. That release followed up their ‘Rudest’ EP.

Rude Audio has a history of putting on fantastic underground parties, releasing the occasional dubby Balearic opus, engineering for the disparate likes of Paul Weller, Lemon Jelly and Royal Blood and generally mooching about anywhere that doesn’t have bouncers or operate a dress code.

photo by Ali Ingle

I had half an eye on some of the underground but outdoor summer parties proliferating in my manor when pulling together various elements on the release, although the likelihood of engaging with a blissful, sun kissed milieu in South London during July and August is less likely than engaging with a dirty rave in a damp squat, where everyone’s complaining about why we aren’t having a summer this year,” says Mark Ratcliff.

The new album also involves one of the band’s all-time favourite remixers  Bedford Falls Players. The remix from main man Mark Cooper has taken ‘To The Sun’ into a dark room and given it a right old working over. The result is brutal but gorgeous. The LP also features the enigmatic and mysterious Fearless Few Collective, who put a few songs before various wringers. Kitsch Kub’s remix of ‘Rumble On Arab St’ is the sound of a gorgeous summer’s evening whilst Valtow’s dub takes the same tune into stunning Balearic waters. Zar takes a leaf from Bedford Falls Players book, giving ‘Pipeline Screaming’ a royal working over. leaving it a quivering techno/dub hybrid.

As of July 15, ‘Street Light Interference’ can be found everywhere digitally, as well as via Bandcamp where it can also be pre-ordered.


Also check out the band’s 2 most recent videos for ‘Repeat Offender’ and ‘Don’t Follow Me’.



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