June 22, 2024

Timothy Dark — Dark Day Afternoon

April 30, 2018 Mike D 0

Brooklyn artist Timothy Dark released his Dark Day Afternoon EP on March 30 for Darkseed Entertainment–a four-track offering of politically charged hip-hop, buttery R&B, and even some grimy rock! Hailing from the Bronx, Timothy Dark saw the

Paul Littlewood — Today/Television

April 11, 2018 Mike D 1

While England tries to anticipate the US mainstream music “softies” with its own “cookies,” some lads on the island hold the Brit-indie-pop banner high, polished and ready to teach popular music to both. From the

Artist of the Week: Vore Aurora

April 6, 2018 Mike D 1

This week we introduce the Alameda, California-based electronic duo Vore Aurora. The band published their debut, Eidolon, last month, but they store a string of maxis in their quiver, and a striking album of 18 electronic/dark-wave

The Noise Figures — Telepath

April 3, 2018 Mike D 0

One of the places, and actually the most suitable place, to picture as you absorb the new Telepath LP by The Noise Figures is Colorado. After looking at some striking pics of the Colorado River