May 23, 2024

Noise Journal Playlist: December 2

Jesus Cross Thomas Hawk
Image by Thomas Hawk/Creative Commons via flickr

Noise Journal wishes a good month to everybody dear–the cold Christmas month when the western, “civilized” world is getting ready to celebrate the birth of that dude who, if he saw what religion and the church is doing on his name, would probably interrupt the procedure:

“Guys, that’s exactly the opposite of what I was telling you. You’re not kind to each other, and in my name the corner shop ‘church’ has promoted some of the most hideous crimes of mankind; have I ever asked you to crusade? Serious now, are you sane molesting my cross? WTF…I would tear myself apart to protect all my children your western world is bombing, and I would share my physical goods and food with Earth’s deprived rather than touting my status. I was an anarchist hippie long before political thought, and I suffered my activism on the cross…would you rebel against all these people who manipulate you towards extinction? I did! And now, on my birthday, you throw to garbage the food and drinks you just couldn’t swallow in your feasts for my existence (damn me!)…I take it all back. You’re worthless. I’ll take Judas and Lemmy for a drink on my birthday and have a good laugh on you, maybe Marquis will be at a corner doing his things too. Ciao mankind–you failed. Here’s some alternative music I liked a lot in the past days, don’t speak, I don’t want to hear a word.”

The Dolce Vita are a ramshackle collection of people from East London. What Would Your Mother Say is the finest tune to start the weekend, garage and rock and rude!


Dream Lake is a Swedish dream pop duo from Stockholm, they create soft and silky dream pop infused with signature Scandinavian breezy vocals and a hint of melancholia, Crystals!


Me and a Box is a minimal wave entity from France whose mechanics beats and ambiance transports us in a quiet and strange interior travel, and quite groovy too, here’s The Box (Fad Gadget cover)!


Equinox is an atonishing spoken word artist from UK, “do you question your existence? without questions you find no answers“, here’s Humankind (feat. Deux Furieuses)!


Encrypted Cult of Haze from Moscow say…/no information/ no live shows/ only music/…I digged out that Snow Like Ashes for you, an excellent -cold wave winter tune for you!


Portland’s We Are Parasols weave industrialesque music with a stunning gaze. Dim is for you but please, watch the video on YouTube as well!


French style aerodynamic electro by Sierra, take of to…Desierto!


Florida’s amazing electro-darkwave act Push Button Press let out in March a series of remixes and here’s Foretold remixed bt Seattle’s iconic EBM project Assemblage 23!


Anglo-French trio Safetalk return to earth with third single Mimic released this November on new Paris based label Splinter, electronic and a little retro-synth new gem!

Living Room Concert by Noblesse Oblige‘s Valerie Renay…NoirElectroPop by that fantastic musician!


Earlier in October Black Needle Noise, John Fryer‘s new adventurous moniker released a brand new single that simply grabbed me! Under My Skin with Tara Busch on vocals!


Berlin’s one woman project NONE by Anna Nin amazes me with her work. Always whispering her vocals like treated from afar, a darkwave technique that brings some ethereal blow and an enchanting breeze with Black Veils.


She released her new record on October, but as I listen to it more and more I discover new amazing elements hidden in, like that Nerve where the Rhode Island chanteuse and multi instrumentist Jenn Vix acts somehow like in the same stream with Siouxsie!

Portrayal from Shrewsbury UK dropped that single only a few days ago, alternative rock slightly shoegazed in Lost Souls!
I remembered to include that windy Youth Cults tune by the astonishing post-punks TRAITRS from Ontario, it rocks man!

Three witches from L.A. playing garage rock loud and clear. L.A. Witch, Drive Your Car!

My fellow Athenians Mani Deum who play infected folk and roll, actually desert bourbon music, hideously singing on the murder sweet Gabrielle commited…look at the lyrics in Bourbon Bedtime Story featuring the voice of Melentini!

Brand fresh record by the L.A.’s Filthy Huns, and the psychedelic trip with Magick Tea!


A retro San Franciscan psych-flower pop tune by Claudio Conti, Yeasty March!


Last, a rad electronic imrovisation by connect_icut, drone and granular synthesized music in Haearnwerthwr!


Have a wonderful weekend dears, music selected by Mike D.

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