June 22, 2024

Party poopers! Denver Public Works tosses doggy bags at S. Broadway Halloween revelers

Cruel and unusual punishment

Party Pooper Bag-1

As Halloween enthusiasts lined South Broadway for the inaugural Broadway Halloween Parade, they were treated to spooky visuals, creative costumes, cool sounds, and…hard plastic bone-shaped cases tossed out of a giant Denver Public Works truck. Yup: While spacepeople, Ghostbusters, Betelgeuse, and The Hornet’s disco aliens doled out cheap delicious candies in the spirit of America’s best holiday, the city of Denver decided to toss out bags for your dog’s poop.

Here they are chucking out some of that epic Halloween spirit:

Party Pooper Truck

While dog poo is an increasing and irritating issue in the city of Denver and, really, many of Colorado’s parks and trails, it seems that Denver could have done something a little more, uh, festive in their participation in Broadway’s first ever Halloween Parade. Instead, it seems, they decided to send a message. But not such a strong message that they thought it worth responding to a request for comment. We even gave them a couple of extra days to respond in our mess of a weekend:

Not only was this a cruel joke (the excitement that quickly turned to disappointment in the kids was very visible even at dusk), but it was a potential safety hazard. These things are BIG. And HEAVY. And HARD. Here’s a picture again, but next to some lip balm for scale:

Party Pooper Bag-2

What were you thinking, Denver?

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