May 20, 2024

Y33BA ‘Eternities I’ – a powerful acid pop blast from the future

Yesterday was the release date of the brand new opus by the New York gang Your 33 Black Angels and it is called Eternities I LP. Here we have one of the bravest and extraordinary releases of the year by a band which offers extraordinary pop, and noise extravaganza melodies. All that weird sentence I just wrote captures only 50% of their style, the rest is waiting for you to define as the band simply unravels a very progressive and a fusion-wise musical “syndrome”. “Progressive” in terms of the musical and artistic consciousness and “fusion” in the sense of their own musical gallantry. Within all these 13 tracks I experienced their intricated universe which totally amazed me and somehow worked as a pop music horn from the future. The only two other similar bands which rang a bell and can relate with Y33BA (but from an astral distance though) were Air and Daft Punk. You see, this genre-defying project has its own stamp of dark pop, electro-paisley new wave space rock, with a dose of crunk bass and rhythm. They produce elegant vibrant melodies with strange, novel sounds that are also flirting with acid pop and noise pop textures.

This colorful album hides countless surprises while the same record is so extremely free and complicated at the same time in its approach and termination, meaning that it is not a collection of one-song-acid, one-song-rock, one-song-new wave, etc. A song may start from a certain point, then change course, and end at an unknowable sonic terminal. A really adventurous record or is this the New Age underground for the End Times? Have a first taste with this fabulous “pop” song, Endless Gaze, please!


And what tune is that Dead New Romantics? Is that a psychedelic remark on new wave, or is it the “neon” new wave music from 2076 A.D.?!



How does a group that has danced around sensibilities and sounds refresh the template? More cutting-edge instruments and riskier avant-garde pop songs than ever designed to embrace and rattle against the times. The first single from Eternities I LP is Hott Funn, and the video was made by Richie of Vinyl Villains. The band explains; “Richie is a mysterious Bushwick programmer that doesn’t leave his loft til the light has disappeared and day has turned to dark. He is part vampire, part design whiz. He has invented an automated animation program that turns songs into aliens, furry creatures, whatever the sound seems to suggest. Obviously, Y33BA has a very alien sound, but he might have horses singing to Neil Young, vegan cupcakes singing Fiona Apple, dolphins singing Supergrass, etc. Richie is so ineffable and distant, we don’t even know his last name. All we know is he commands legions of aliens, faeries and elves. Literally, that’s what he does!” I may only add, Check-This-Out!



I specifically chose these 3 songs that I feel they include the band’s impetus and style but don’t expect the whole record to sound exactly like that. I only opened a few doors for you to eavesdrop on the adventure. Now, it’s your turn to start the trip and the venture with this unique and so advanced album in all its matter. Eternities I.


photo by Winnie Cheung


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Written by Mike D.   

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