June 22, 2024

Noise Journal Playlist: March 11

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No particular prologue on this week’s playlist; just this: This week we present you artists we trust in their talent and aesthetics, history and future, with some videos included in the list too. So turn it loud, dear friends, and make the fire in your cores become the lava you seek in life! The force won’t be with you and the revolution will not be televised…what revolution?!

Kevin Haskins, the drummer and one of the four protagonists in Bauhaus (my fav band of all time) releases Bauhaus-Art Book via Cleopatra Records on March 16. When I heard the news it was like thunder striking within me, and my cup of coffee exploded. While this is an elegant and tasteful deluxe coffee table art book, it’s also a historical and intimate trip through the development of this groundbreaking band from the perspective and memorabilia of one of the quartet’s founding members. You may find all you need at this link, and let me treat you with the 1999 Bauhaus Gotham Full Concert….”I dare you to be real, to touch a flickering flame!”


International Women’s Day was March 8. Keny Arcana–the Argentinian-French rapper from Paris–speaks her rage for you sexist pigs, and we who see no skin colors nor flags, no border, but cages that we struggle to break. We hope and wish your ears break, down deaf patriarch worm, Eh Connard (translate it, it’s your nickname) is for you!


This summer’s Meltdown Festival includes many names that are all beloved, and this year’s bill is curated by Robert Smith from The Cure!!! Let’s start our ride with some of these artists in our playlists: First off, Kristin Hersh from the iconic Throwing Muses. Here’s Wonderland from her Wyatt At The Coyote Palace album!


CRIMEWOLF from the UK released their new album in February and it rocks loud and sludgy, this is dirty and rude noise rock’n’roll mostly suitable for an underground club of 200 tops, or in the evening after the rain at Glastonbury! Check Wall of amplifiers, please!


Los Angeles’ Numb.er‘s new album releases in May, and according to that Again leading song from it, we’re gonna taste a storm of garage style alternative rock soundtracks for the summer!


Amazing old school-toward-modernity new/dark wavers Autumn-Us from Minneapolis are ready to pour some elegant music into our glasses on March 23 with their new Chandelier album (which is simply adorable–you’ll see). It’s an emulsion that bridges the vast ocean between the glorious heritage from the two countries that first imagined that genre. My friends, listen to Beginnings, that masterful song that brings memories!


A couple of weeks ago, Blush Response–the Adelaide Aussie shoegaze rockers–let out Still Life single from their upcoming and anticipated LP, and I just didn’t listen to it only three times!


Yup, we’re stuck and thrilled with that band from Calgary, true. Jonathan Rose says “it’s a filthy rocket of pure jet-fuel up the nostril, with surf rock sensibilities, a grunge groove and hair metal swagger,” and I won’t add anything…would you?! These are Miesha & The Spanks with Girls!!!


London’s Kini is a young instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, sound engineer, and a serious talent in creating experimental sounds on vocal-electronica for the masses–the British style! Check I Too Overflow from her upcoming album in April!!!


Triumphant Race from Vermont releases one anthem after another, and if I were stunned by Cindy Lauper’s I Drove All Night cover, after the new She Said I must admit that I am a true fan. Synthpop music to minimal waves and dance, dance, dance!!!


Candelabre from Toulouse en France offer a fantastic mix of coldwave streams with shoegaze musings, and here’s Carrion Season for you to enjoy!!!


Guys, I keep playing Nostalgist constantly on my radio show and in the car. I’m thrilled with this artist’s monumental heavy post-punk record which releases on March 30, and here’s Smoldering Amber to die with/to!


Angular and true noise-rock by Leeds UK Thank band who plays no games, keep calm if you can and pump it up with Fragile Ego!


Astonishing neoromantic post-punks from Montreal, Palissade with that Plus Rien fantastic song from a must-listen album!!!


Still in Montreal, now with Calomine and Flowers In The Gutter, post-punk with the overdrive-alternative rock groove in, and music which speaks loud, really loud!!!


R.I.P. Patrick Doyle from London’s indie-alternative rockers Veronica Falls. In memorium: Nobody There. Why do we lose people from our tribe that we never met and simply connected with their music…?…


Last, here’s the new video from that edgy band!!!


Have a great weekend PPL, Mike D.



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