May 28, 2024


mltkk smaller my life with the thrill kill kult t-shirt and ticket

mltkk was one of my first concerts, maybe my second actually… i saw them when i was 16 with two friends (and like 200 other people in the alley behind club 101 (nine inch nails sin tour played here, so the place was legit industrial club & crowd, motherfuckers were backflipping off the stage into the crowd ‘n shit, stage dive style..) ethyl meatplow opened. i still have my ticket. i still have my shirt. mltkk really helped me to want to think conceptually as a listener, like, ‘what if i made soundtracks that had no films.’ i really love the older more goth industrial noir stuff (but i can dig stuff up thru gay back and married..) i saw them several times after that, and at least once by myself, once with one friend (at first he was like ‘wtf is this shit man, seriously..’ by the end he was like ‘damn, im glad you took me to that’), then, again with my now-wife and at least once maybe twice by myself, over the span of 10yrs probably. fantastic. be sure to try and catch them if you can. these guys truly did invent this shit.

i didnt attend that NIN concert. i only know that it came thru.


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