May 27, 2024

Violent Femmes’ Icon Victor DeLorenzo Breaks New Ground On ‘Tranceaphone’ EP

Victor DeLorenzo photo by Kay Collins

Founding member of folk/punk icons Violent Femmes and artist extraordinaire Victor DeLorenzo presents his new ‘Tranceaphone’ EP, a five-track offering full of intriguing fusion and fun. This is the first recording under his name Victor DeLorenzo since 2013 and his sixth release overall. Best-known as drummer for Violent Femmes throughout the 1980s, DeLorenzo came into his own in the mid-’90s with a solo career. In the course of his career, DeLorenzo has also had the pleasure of being an actor, writer, audio engineer and producer.  DeLorenzo is also one-half of the chamber rock duo Nineteen Thirteen with cellist Janet Schiff, and was previously the drummer in Moe Tucker‘s band, which also included former Velvet Underground bandmate Sterling Morrison in the mid to late 90s. Let’s watch first a video with 4 songs from 2017’s “Music For Time Travel & The Dream” album by Nineteen Thirteen!


And of course this one from Violent FemmesS/T debut album back in 1983!


Now, if you asked me what DeLorenzo’s music currently sounds like, I’d only say “all alternative music”. The man is a very serious and a renowned drummer, like these players who are feeling their drum-kits as a more colorful instrument than only just ‘something’ that keeps the groove. Obviously inspired by jazz techniques and similar playing styles with a keen on re-inventing the drumming world as a true pioneer like him, DeLorenzo’s drumming needs are coming from way back in time! 

His signature sound is a result of his minimalist drum set. He often uses nothing more than a snare drum, a tranceaphone and steel brushes. The tranceaphone consists of a metal bushel basket inverted over a tom. He favors this style of drum set because in their early days, The Femmes often played on the streets. And you know, all these gave him a true rock and roll perspective and an alternative vision on all things playing music for and with people.

 “The ‘Tranceaphone’ EP is lovingly based on the idea of multiple layers of drum choirs that sing out not only in time, but with joyfully implied melodies that bob and weave. After recording different drum systems, I then wrote music that could breathe within the improvised drum set structures. The bass parts are very important to the drum sounds on this Ep in the way the bass and drum parts help to create a sonic mystery of sorts for the vocals to hide in” says DeLorenzo. 



These two songs are both from his latest work which is all a marvel as the record itself, believe me, will stay for good on the stereo. He produced, recorded, and mixed it alone at The Past Office. It was mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering and here you may read the whole  scenario on every single track. Check this info as they have their own ‘sounding’ before you even listened to the album.

Tranceaphone’ : Victor – Tranceaphone, Gretsch snare drum, Cymbal, Bass, Vocal; Mike Hoffmann – Electric Guitars, Vocal; Janet Schiff – Synth Strings
‘Lullaby’ : Victor – Vocal, Keyboards, Drumsets, Percussion; Janet – Cello, Keyboards, Bass; Mike – Electric Guitar
‘Invisible Shadows’ : Victor – Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Drumsets, Percussion; Janet – Keyboards
‘Then Don’t Say A Word’ : Victor – Drumsets, Vocals, Keyboards; Janet – Bass, Synth Vocals, Keyboards
‘When She’s There’ : Victor – Vocals, Drumsets, Percussion, Keyboards; Monia – Vocal; Matt Meixner – Keyboards; Janet – Bass

 So, ‘Tranceaphone’ EP was released on March 19 and is available digitally across key online stores and online streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.


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Written by Mike D.

Victor DeLorenzo photo by Janet Schiff


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