May 23, 2024

True Detective

Late last night, Slate’s television critic, Willa Paskin, published a review of HBO’s True Detective that confirms exactly what we’ve known all along: The show is going to be AWESOME. HBO seems to have lost its way a bit since The Sopranos and The Wire went off the air, with Game of Thrones being its one true anchor. Boardwalk Empire, while gorgeous, just isn’t captivating and definitely isn’t water cooler fodder anywhere for anybody I talk to. True Blood long ago turned into a convoluted and undisguised allegory for everything Alan Ball sees as wrong in the world. And Girls’ niche audience can only afford to watch because they’re bumming their parents’ HBO GO passwords. Game of Thrones labyrinth-style plots made accessible to many only via gratuitous violence and nudity will only get HBO so far, no matter how proud the network supposedly is over the show’s status as most pirated television show in the world. True Detective, with its “many, layered mysteries,” dark ambiance, and McConaughey/Harrelson accessibility promises to bring back some of the prestige that HBO seems to be lacking of late. HBO gave me my favorite series in Six Feet Under and The Wire, and for that I’ll always root for their success. You can count me down and out this Sunday night for the True Detective premiere (9ET). Check the trailer below:

-Alibi Pierce

Editor’s note: Looks like they took down the trailer. Check our review of the finale here.

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