July 18, 2024


I have a good memory for ppl. I can usually remember the moment I met someone, especially if they are important to my life now. I won’t remember your name, but… I don’t know what it is about ppl. i enjoy talking with ppl. but I still don’t really like ppl, they are interesting, but sort of strange folks. I always need breaks from them, even back in the day, parties full of ppl, 20-60 or 100! I would still manage to find places where I was alone. either the room would magically empty, like it does, at parties, as groups shift about (refills, smoking, new arrivals), and I would.. just not shift. and I’d be alone until another shift of folks waded into the room or space or area of the backyard, sideyard, frontyard. I also think that’s why I gravitated toward smoking pot. a small group breaks away from the larger for 30-40mins and talks quieter, closer, no beers (I was drinking then, and if drinks made it to the circle, they weren’t obnoxious about it – there was always the random drunkass jerk that followed the group not knowing what everyone was going to do.. ‘oh man you guys are gonna smoke pot, I’m outta here’. hehe fukka). but I’ve always been a loner, that has known a lot of ppl. weird. I was waking around downtown today and I ran into the same guy four times, we were both just wandering around for lunch, he had earbuds, I did not. weird.

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