April 19, 2024


people look to the past, “well, we operated on the best knowledge we had at the time, we didn’t know oppression, etc.. was wrong, we’ve matured we’ve grown, we’ve become more compassionate..” romantically almost, like oh ‘we’ve grown, see how far we’ve come, it’s a big deal’ – and I’m like, no! pick-your-historic-atrocity and there were people all along the way telling you, you’re wrong! these are not the way to do things and you did them anyway, you are not allowed the luxury of a change-of-heart… you are not allowed that privilege. you are not the thief that begins to work with children to not be thieves, you are not the ex-gangbanger that works with children to not be violent.. to make that kind of change takes soul searching efforts and real hard internal dialogue. Work. capital-W Work. to just ‘say’ something different but not and not have actions to reflect as proof that you are different, you are a hypocrite… or paranoid over-reactor depending on what we’re discussing (cold war anyone?)… and you should not be allowed in politics and we should be teaching ourselves to sniff you out because you’re a danger to civilization. like a-john mccain or a-dick cheney, or a-walton family they’ve been wasting the space that someone actually productive and committed could be using. The fact they always convince people they deserve what they’ve gotten says so much more about the disconnect of everyone from everything – what is liberty, what is freedom, justice, law, right/wrong, entitlement

– oskar

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