July 17, 2024

Jambox — Spleen

Jambox Spleen cover art
Jambox Spleen cover art
About our rating system
About our rating system

After catching our attention last year with what we described as “a short, angsty trip through retro punk inspired soundscapes,” Italian act Jambox is at it again with their latest EP, Spleen. With five tracks clocking in at just over 15 minutes, the three piece has kicked up the angst while building on their unique fusion of post-punk sounds and layered shoegaze atmosphere.

A straightforward 4-4 beat drives most of these tracks, the backbone of chaotic, careening guitars and delicate melodies. It makes the album simultaneously danceable and suitable for the cool kids who prefer to simply stare at their shoes while doing the head-nod.

Waikiki 513–The EP’s most played track on SoundCloud–is a raucus, surfy tale of European travels and (near and dear to our hearts) buying “spices and good medicines” from masked strangers, all while attempting to “capture two different worlds inside a water mirror.” You Are Not Me burns slow, cranking up the anxiety as reverb and space jabs bleed into feedback, distortion, and allusions to dead bodies in the pines.

Spleen is a mild departure from Jambox’s 2015 effort, and a solid move forward for an act that’s on the right track with its fresh take on vintage rock sounds. The production is cleaner and an identity is forming in their sound. Head on over to Bandcamp and give it a listen, then throw a few bucks their way:

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