July 18, 2024

Neil deGrasse Tyson: The Stoner Tweets

Original image by NASA/Creative Commons via flickr

Is Neil deGrasse Tyson a stoner? Some have speculated, and the general consensus seems to be, yes, the famed astrophysicist, author, and television personality is totally a stoner. With big and revolutionary ideas about space, time, and the universe we inhabit, the man embodies the big world of stoned thoughts and a wonky sort of brilliant counter-cultural rebellion.

Others have played with the Tyson-as-a-stoner trope with hilarious results (we’ve embedded this genius Cosmos parody at the bottom in which the “Tyson” narrator explains that he’s “here to tell you how fucking rad space is” right before taking a giant bong hit).

Though it appears he’s never publicly admitted to partaking in the cannabis plant, Salon‘s Joanna Rothkopf has uncovered some deliciously damning new evidence in Tyson’s Twitter feed: Mathematical analysis of every stoner’s favorite delivery fallback. Here’s what the Cosmos dude had to say:

Oh yeah, here’s that awesome “Cosmos on Weed” video we promised you:

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