April 18, 2024

You Know What’s Awful? BMW’s New ‘Grandma’ Ads.

BMW Heads-up Ad Horrible Grandma

Thinking of buying a new BMW SUV, but on the fence? Maybe you’re leaning towards a Beamer, but also considering that new Mercedes G-Class or Audi Q something or another. How can this particular upscale German automobile manufacturer convince you to put your hard-earned $55K towards one of their vehicles?

Why, put the shrillest, most obnoxious grandma in the backseat of one of your vehicles and build a series of ads around her!

Seriously, BMW, as if your drivers didn’t have a bad enough reputation as it is. Now you’re making a flagrant attempt to capitalize off of the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon and all around family dysfunction? I mean, is this really how the other half lives? Do rich people see these ads and say, “Hey! That’s me! I need THAT car!”

Because, well, personally, watching these ads makes me want to punch a BMW exec. And a grandma.

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