April 19, 2024


risk for artists:

there are two types of people: one works to express their training; one uses training as start.

take chances.
make mistakes.
express ideas your peer group doesn’t understand.
express ideas your peer group does not enjoy.
don’t make what should be made, make what needs to be made.

when you’re five and you color in the lines or use all the numbers or don’t, whatever, it’s going on the fridge because my child is wonderful.. you are not five anymore. the art world doesn’t care that you simply finished something..
finishing has nothing to do with art.
what are you saying.
are you expressing your training or are you using your training to get started?

don’t be afraid to not do something.
leave stuff out.
if it can be assumed does it need to be said?
don’t be afraid to leave it unfinished, misunderstood.
be confused through your art. show your internal conflict.
don’t posture with your art, art is not a parade, art is a statement, an expression, a reflection, a process of discovery.
art is a choice.
art is a decision.


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