April 13, 2024

Welcome to The Stoner’s Journal

Welcome to The Stoner’s Journal.

Despite the name, this is not a celebration of “weed culture,” or a destination for weed news. We’ll leave that to the plethora of sites already out there providing such services. You will find pot (and other drug) related news here, and maybe the occasional strain review or dispensary write-up. Colorado is our home state, after all, and weed does have its very own menu listing on our home page. But really, The Stoner’s Journal is a celebration of our interests outside the stereotypical world of tye-dye, dabs, jam music, and bad movies. For the most part we’re not really into any of that shit. We are into a lot of other things, though, and those interests are often informed and enhanced with the use of drugs.

With the passing of Amendment 64 legalizing pot in Colorado, and the subsequent launch of legal recreational sales about a week ago, there has been a lot of negative discussion about the type of people who partake in pot. The reaction from the left has typically been tied to social justice and racial inequality. Fair enough. For our purposes right now, we won’t delve so deep. But we will get there eventually. The truth is that plenty do allow themselves to be pigeonholed by the stoner label in its popular context. We believe, though, that label is actually a misnomer when used to describe those types of people. “Loser” may be more accurate, but that’s an argument for another day. For our purposes, “stoner” is a title that represents an uncontained world of ideas and opinions, symbolizing the broad array of interests we have, as well as the unique perspective we enjoy when “stoned.” Rather than allowing it to pigeonhole us, we are repurposing it to act as a platform from which we can share the things we are excited about, comment on the things we feel strongly about, and reflect on the things about which we should know more. We believe that many people share those same interests and will enjoy hearing what we have to say, regardless of their drug status.

Of course we recognize the benefits that come along with adopting the stoners’ ethos. Those very same clichés and negative connotations people associate with weed culture (and therefore, automatically, with us) may in fact work to our advantage. Because, really, what writer doesn’t suffer crippling bouts of procrastination? What artist doesn’t have a hard time with follow-through? We will probably post lazy articles from time to time and get the facts wrong. Who doesn’t like having a good excuse?

It may seem a bit chaotic at first, as we figure out how exactly to categorize the things we write, and as we experiment with different formats and content. Content may be spotty at first. It will be a growing process. But you can expect a little bit of everything: Political commentary, music reviews, reviews of television series, honest and personal essays, and a lot of our favorite things of the moment reposted with short and sweet synopses. Hell, you may even find the occasional sports article…but I wouldn’t count on it. We’re especially excited about our stream of consciousness section which we will be experimenting with regularly in the hope that it eventually becomes a fully interactive threaded forum.

As you can see, the stoner ethos carries a wide umbrella. We know it’s a dense and heavily populated blog universe. We know that two thirds of blogs are inactive after only four months. We know the odds are stacked against us ever truly becoming a destination, but we are excited just to have an outlet beyond the usual social media culprits that require so much self-censorship. Speaking of, we do have a Twitter handle and will be expanding our presence to Facebook and Google+ over the next month or so. Feel free to check us out.

Thanks for stopping by.

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