April 13, 2024


on the very short drive home tonite ‘they‘ were talking about the #sotu and various political what-evers… these fuking talking heads.. anyway, (and all this should be said with a blah blah blah sort of attitude…) they mentioned immigration and how the president may talk about it, but the republicans don’t want to bring up immigration, it’s too dividing an issue for their party right now, esp heading into the mid term election – what the hell does that have to do with progressing the country!? why do we keep electing these ppl that don’t want to cooperate? I don’t get it everyone , I really don’t get it. every…thing depends on a political party being able to get an advantage and keep it long enough to do what they say they are going to; even then it’s half-assed.

we can solve this thing America.

Pete Seeger died yesterday. as a musician he wasn’t an influence directly of mine, I don’t own any of his albums or anything. As a symbol however, his morals and ethics, using music to push the boundary… to exemplify either through words or actions, the separation of truth from lies and equip individuals with the ‘power to sing their own song’. to understand what it is to be just in a society.

our politicians need to be facilitators.

what did I hear the other day? while the boss is telling everyone what to do, the leader is the one in the corner working, inspiring everyone.


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