May 23, 2024

More Benghazi

Benghazi Hearings
Image by Secretary of Defense/Creative Commons via flickr

The media is jumping on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s recent report with headlines today screaming the obvious: We could have done more to protect Benghazi, maybe even prevented the attack. Even supposedly liberal stalwarts such as The Washington Post are using that conclusion to sell their stories. Out of more than a dozen findings that basically support the Obama Administration’s account of events that day, this is the spin they’re throwing on it. But Why? Even Fox News’s first real write-up of the report is basically a grudging admission that all of the bullshit they’ve been throwing at Obama since the initial attacks aren’t going to stick.

Why are we even still talking about this? Ten years ago we launched a war on grounds that have been proven definitively false, costing our country 2 Trillion dollars and almost 5,000 American lives, and that is still basically raging with or without us. In 2008, the very same people who are now calling for Obama’s impeachment over an event that resulted in the loss of four American lives were writing letters to their constituents asking for patience with that whole pesky Iraq thing, supporting the president who had lied only to rob us of life and treasure.

So why are we still talking about this? That’s why this post is filed under “politics.”

-Alibi Pierce

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