November 29, 2021

basnia — No Falling Stars And No Wishes

June 22, 2019 Mike D 0

Introducing basnia from Warsaw with their debut album, No Falling Stars And No Wishes! The band is a gorgeous blend of post-punk, a bit of a cold-wave included within, dark pop in their intentions and


June 20, 2019 Mike D 0

Noise Journal is excited to premiere the brand new 3EP by Brett Sullivan‘s N.Y. antifolk/ punk gang American Anymen! Following 2017’s “Flag Burner” explosive album and last year’s “Anniversary” maxi single,  American Anymen are regarded among

She Came To Quit – Pills

April 22, 2019 Mike D 0

On March 29, Montreal’s outfit She Came To Quit released their debut Pills LP following last June’s Demo 2018. What’s going on in Canada’s alternative/ independent music scene? How come so many brilliant names from all

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