January 21, 2021

She Came To Quit – Pills

On March 29, Montreal’s outfit She Came To Quit released their debut Pills LP following last June’s Demo 2018. What’s going on in Canada’s alternative/ independent music scene? How come so many brilliant names from all over the country are releasing stunning records?

The alternative, post-punk scene of Canada is currently considered among the most flourishing and blooming in the world. Bands like Actors from Vancouver, Traitrs from Toronto — even Strvgers from Edmonton — are all shaking and shocking the world with their dedicated and astonishing records, and the list is constantly growing simply because there is a golden generation of musicians shouting out loud, “We rock!”

The brand new entry featured today from Montreal truly holds all the means and dirty deeds of post-punk in its hands.

She Came To Quit plays really loud punk-oriented music, seemingly approached and presented as post-punk and with an open toward death-rock as well.

Intense music which is produced not quite “polite” through amplifiers, drums etc, with all their musings fronted by the singer’s characteristic performance.

Photo by Richard Bunze, provided by She Came to Quit

Asking the band about some details, I clearly understood that they are a squad of friends — all involved in other underground projects related to the band, and their words cleared up the whole scene for me. This is what they told me:

The band was formed in 2017 following a Hiatus from Let Us Out. Our singer decided to do her own album project called SU. The rest of the band decided to continue writing together with the addition of Philippe Racine from Hexxcode on keyboards. We are from Montreal and are greatly influenced by the punk/post-punk/new-wave scene of 77-84.”

All words plain and spick and span. That’s what the band really plays: Angular rock music, “smokeless” and with passion. As for talent? Well, you must listen to the record to “get” their straightness and addictive sonic beauty. It is all on the front, it is all groovy, and they create songs which can be considered as anthemic post-punk bullets, and after years, the whole Pills LP, I dare to saucily predict, may be considered a monumental release of the genre.

I’ll do something now which is not suggested when presenting an album, but I’d like you to start the audition from the last track of the record, Sneaky, and then roll it back to track 1, Pills, and all the way down until you reach the last song again. I won’t tell you why, but trust me if you want. So, here is the album to enjoy some real intensity without any savoir-vivre breeding, get a beer and dance (please)!!!



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Written by Mike D.


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