July 29, 2021

This Will Destroy You makes Super Bowl appearance in Verizon ad

This Will Destroy You "Another Language" cover art
This Will Destroy You "Another Language" cover art

Rarely do the worlds of head-splitting post-rock and concussion-rendering American football collide, but we’re living in weird times, man.

Your ears were right: That was definitely Noise Journal faves This Will Destroy You soundtracking the latest Verizon ad — a moving piece focusing on first-responders, and the head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers (not to be confused with the Los Angeles Rams).

Give it a listen/watch right here:

You’re probably super-bored with the Super Bowl happening as I type, anyway. I mean, the Los Angeles Rams(?) and the Patriots (again). Three-zip.

Not exactly the type of thrilling NFL game that has you thinking, “destroy.”

>Go to This Will Destroy You’s Bandcamp page.

While some on Twitter seem to be confusing TWDY and their post-rock cousins Explosions In The Sky — an understandable mistake, really, as the TWDY track The Mighty Rio Grande does have a sort of Friday Night Lights emotional vibe to it, we can’t say the band didn’t give us a heads-up:

Oh, it’s 3-3 now. Eat those nachos!

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