July 17, 2024

The Swagger – Heart ‘N’ Soul SINGLE

Following their eponymous debut EP back in 2016, London’s indie rock outfit The Swagger presents their new Heart ‘N’ Soul single, released in late August. The Swagger is brothers Lee and Paul Stevens on lead and backing vocals, all guitars, and bass. Roger Malaquias contributes drums. These fine young Englishmen are original indie rockers following Albion’s heritage along the same streams that have been bringing monumentally successful records since the early, mid-eighties. They are Londoners, they are indie, they live for playing on stage, they only breathe in the muddy festivals, and they sleep with the same everlasting thoughts every night: when will the next gig be! While it may seem funny to some, this is exactly what made the whole world turn on the bright lights to England from the British invasion to the new wave era and through to the present. If any new band from the British Isles can show their original character on guitars, drums and bass, and also have a talent for writing a good rock song, they shall thrive! Similar to the US, Britain too has numerous live clubs and the tradition in throwing parties very easily and fast. The Swagger grew up in these walls and the groove, the fun, and the required English humor and wit run in their veins, traditionally!

What is all this leading to? You got it – they are an original Brit-rock outfit with great indie flare and a pretty nice brand new single in their hands demanding a little of your attention. Who are we to turn our backs on the dudes and pretend that we didn’t notice how good they are? Who are we to stay silent in the face of such talent? No, we actually put it on the stereo and, before the coffee was ready, Mr. Rose decided “wow Mike, smells like London in here suddenly, I’d like you to write something about them”. Poor Mike was holding two cups of coffee said “yeah, but I have to focus first on the..” Mr. Rose put the dot “Nice one Mike, have a good day now”, he put on his Arsenal F.C. jockey hat and left the building for the airport to fly to Mexico. Me, on the other hand, opened that tequila bottle and started listening to that pretty nice maxi single a bit louder than usual. And I felt the spirit and echoes of all these bands like Oasis, Verve, The La’s, The Fratellis, also The Who and The Fall dancing along with The Swagger in their tune Heart ‘ N’ Soul. Yes, the song is both groovy and melodic in the styles sired in every solid London band – it’s no wonder they were chosen previously to record in the very studio owned by The Kinks’ Ray Davies, where so many celebrated UK bands have recorded their masterpieces.

The song also has a video, a clever road trip with a twist, showing they have a true sense of irony! Now, if you don’t have tequila in the house, a Britannia brew will certainly do while watching this!



photo by Dana Tasker

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Written by Mike D.


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